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Менеджер по персоналу (General management)

ООО Управляющая Компания «Бизнес, Ремонт и Строительство (Construction | Architecture | Renovation)

Vacancy description

- Кадровое производство;
- Офисное делопроизводство;
- Поиск сотрудников;
- Проведение собеседований;
- Обучение персонала;
- Содействие в построении организации (административная технология).


Desired skill levels


Junior specialist (1-2 years experience)


Russian language

Native language or I can speak as a native speaker with barely noticeable accent.


Communication skills

I consciously try not to use any wasty words in communication. In conversation I try to give enough time to a partner for expressing his point of view, I believe that it’s important to keep balance of speaking and listening. I pay attention to the general literacy of sentence composition. It’s not hard for me to keep up discussions on various topics: state policy, art development, education etc.; difficult and comprehensive topics are very interesting for me.


Ability to learn

My ability to learn is above average.


Mastery of PC and common office SW

I know how to use the common office programs in mean stage: I send and receive emails in MSOutlook; I can draw a table or graphic in MSExcel; I can write a letter with complex formatting and embed it in MSWord; I can make a text presentation in MSPowerPoint; I use Google to search information.


Desired level of education

- Bachelor

Employment permit

- Company will not provide employment permit assistance

23  April  2017

17 000 RUR


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