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Visually aided performance based interactive career profile (visual resume) is an innovation in the recruitment area. 

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We at Talent Map use the format of visually augmented career profile which was designed to make it easy to compile and interesting to review by a jobseeker and, at the same time, to keep it detailed and informative enough for comprehensive career and professional development analysis by a recruiter or a hiring managers.

Talent Map is made from several interactive information blocks

Personal and contact information

This block allows presenting complete information about one’s self: First Name, Last name; a Photo; Date of birth (from which the age is calculated); Contact information, which users can use to connect with you; Place of residence. You can write a few words about yourself in a Summary. There is a designated place to show information about your Foreign language skills and your Expected salary

Career development graphs

Job experience graph

A pie-chart calculates the Total length of the employment history and shows which Professional Spheres dominate the experience. The graph's legend shows the titles of professional spheres and the number of years of experience in each field. The switch allows changing the view to see the prevailing Industry.

Career ladder

An interactive Career Ladder graphic is a principally new approach of providing and considering job experience information. The content of chronological summary is visualized the following way: job locations are displayed in the graphic according to start and end working dates; the system considers the position level and its professional field. Assignments and KPI are shown as points in each job location; hiring date planning-time assignment or period of KPI assessment are considered herewith. When pointing with a computer mouse on career ladder “steps”, job locations, a hiring manager can see the detailed description of each job location.

By graphic dynamic and position of elements a hiring manager can judge how fast professional’s career developed. Gaps between “steps” show periods off the job, drastic “steps” up and down draw additional attention and give grounds for questions during the interview. Incompatibility of position level and executing tasks and KPI levels allows to draw a conclusion how hard the work of the employee in reality was.

Education graphic

Educational information is visualizes the following way: education places are shown in the graphic according to start and end studying dates, the system considers education level and professional area of education is marked with a certain color.

Financial graphic

This graphic shows information about provided financial metrics of your career: sales and budget 

Team graphic 

This graphic shows the number of direct subordinates of a professional for each job. 

Brand graphic

If a professional worked at a well-known brand company then this brand would reflect in the brand graphic. 

Geographical graphic

The graphic is built from indicated data for each job.

Additional graphs

Skill map

This graphic shows unique information about skills and personal trades of a professional. 

It is based on candidate’s self-concept of his personal trades and professional skills. In the graphic skill’s rates are allocated into quadrants:

- Assessments of the first quadrant (the first upper quadrant) show candidate’s comparability with future employer.

- By the assessments of the second quadrant it can be judged how much the candidate will involve in certain corporative culture.

- Judging by the third quadrant assessments the professional can understand candidate’s team role.

- The forth quadrant shows common professional skills. Skill’s assessments related to the same professional fields can be defined by color. Pop-up tips contents of rate description and candidate’s personal comment.

Value type

Any person is unique. This uniqueness is demonstrated, in particular, inimitable personal values system, which a person follows in decision making. If the values of employees who work in one group; or director and subordinate values; or employee and company values do not coincide, then disagreements which keep the employee, department or company from efficient work, appear. 

The assessment of dominant value type is defined by the test, that allows to determine which value type prevails at the moment. 

When pointing at the graphic element, a pop-up tip with additional information about value type is being shown.

Learn more about value management authoring system by Konstantin Harsky here.


Portfolio section allows to show graphic files, which are related to career and job experience. Painters and designers can upload the examples of their art works. Web programmers and project managers can use “Portfolio” for demonstrating sites’ screenshots and links to project descriptions. Artists can use “Portfolio” for showing their heads shots; descriptions of films or performances they have taken part in. 

Visually aided performance-based job description

Overall picture of someone's career development, which you get by looking at Career Ladder graph, can be reviewed in detail by reading through a textual description of the job experience, added with detailed description of tasks performed at each place of employment. Additional information can be seen by calling popup windows and visual aids.

Print your CV option

If you need to print a full information about a candidate for a review offline, there is an option to open a CV in .pdf page, where all information from visual Talent Map career profile in shown in a plain text format, including evaluation of professional skills. Inclusion of QR code allows to quickly go to visual resume during an interview. 


As you see, the Talent Map combines all the advantages of known ways of presenting career information, and in addition, gives an opportunity to visually aid the presentation of one's professional life.   


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