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Terms of use of TalentMap.ru

Agreement on rendering job searching services and providing additional services on Talentmap.com 

POLZA company, hereinafter referred to as “Executive”, provides any individual person, hereinafter referred to as “Candidate”, with employment services by means of various services on the sites of the Executive. 
Registration on one of the sites of the Executive shall be deemed a general acceptance of these Terms of Use.

1. Terms and definitions
1.1. Site shall mean a content of the web-pages located in the Internet at the address of one of the domains controlled by the Executive that is used by the Candidate hereunder.
1.2. Registered site user shall mean a site visitor, who has created his own career profile on the site in order to find a job or to find an employee.
1.3. User’s account information shall mean a unique login and password to sign in to secure web-pages of the Site. An e-mail address set by the Candidate during the registration process on the Site is used as a unique login.
1.4. Career profile, resume, CV shall mean a web-page where the Registered User provides information related to job or employee searching in form of a text, interactive graphics, and pictures.
1.5. Anonym user of the Site shall mean a nonregistered person or entity which uses accessible services of these sites.

2. Subject of the agreement
2.1. The Executive shall provide the Registered User the following opportunity:
- to create a Career Profile;
- to display information in Career Profile on the Site. In Career ladder block of the Career Profile and in interactive graphics the information about the Registered User’s three last job locations shall be displayed free of costs. By purchasing Pro plan the Registered User gets an opportunity to display the information about all his job locations in Career ladder block and in interactive graphics of his profile on an unrestricted basis;
- to search for vacancies posted on the Site;
- to compare vacancies with his own Career profile;
- to respond to vacancies using Career Profile link;
- to create his own Vacancies and manage them (make changes, copy, transfer to archive). An opportunity to add new vacancies to the site activates upon the request to the site administration. The administration has a right to deny the activation request to add vacancies without assigning any reasons. Newly added vacancies become viewable and searchable for other Site users only after site administration approval. The administration has a right to deny posting Vacancies or transfer earlier posted Vacancy to archive without assigning any reasons;
- to moderate responses to created vacancies (look through, deny, accept, change response status);
- to look through numerical and graphic comparison of registered users Career Profiles, who has responded to the Vacancies posted on the site.
2.2. The Registered User agrees to share his personal data in Career Profile form, which is required for meaningful employment and gives his consent to use all shared personal data in Career Profile according to the Federal Law as of July 27, 2006 No.152 “About personal data”, for enforcing obligations by the Executive herein.
2.3. The object of the Registered User personal data sharing shall be employment.
2.4. Timeframe for personal data placement (timeframe for providing consent according to cl. 2.2. of this agreement) has no time limits and depends on personal data owner (Registered User) decision.
2.5. Nothing in this agreement shall be understood as an establishment of agency relations, partnership, joint-cooperation, employment relations, or any other relationships between the Executive and the Registered User not expressly provided herein.
2.6. The Executive upon the Registered User’s request may provide other Site services, in this case terms of contain and rules of providing such services, price, or other consideration shall be posted on the relevant web-page of the Site
2.7. On the Registered User’s response to one or another vacancy the questions from a prospective employer may be submitted; answers to them remain with the employer and are not reported to the Registered User, provided that no employer’s questions and Registered User’s answers shall be deemed the only criteria for hiring. Registered User’s answers to the prospective employer’s questions are non-public. All responsibility for non-disclosure of the Registered User’s answers rests with the prospective employer.

3. Obligations of the Executive
3.1. The Executive agrees that he will:
3.1.1. provide an opportunity for the Registered User to create a Career Profile and save it in database of the Site;
3.1.2. grant access to a Career Profile for the Registered and Anonym Users;
3.1.3. provide an opportunity for the Registered User to manage his Career Profile privacy;
3.1.4. provide an opportunity to respond to vacancies available on the Site;
3.1.5. provide an opportunity for the Registered User to delete his Career Profile anytime by his own discretion;
3.2. The Executive has a right in his own discretion at any time to delete a Career Profile or deny setting it without assigning any reasons.
3.3. The Executive has a right at any time and without prior notice to send to the e-mail address stated by the Registered User after his registration on the Site informative messages about the Executive’s company events, the Site and the Executive services, and other information including advertisements.

4. Obligations of the Registered User
4.1. The Registered User agrees to omit the following:
4.1.1. By any means via the Site to post, publish, save, upload, and/or to delete files (information) in violation of Russian Federation and international legislations;
4.1.2. To post and/or send via Site text information, pictures, sound, or source code that may be illegal, advertising, threatening, insulting, slanderous, misleading, flagrant, indecency, endamage other Site users, and entrench on their rights and legal interests;
4.1.3. To embed an executable code on the user side (client-side scripts: java-script, visual basic-script, etc.), any OLE objects (Java applets, flash, etc.); to use frame and iframe, cascading style sheets, redefining, used on the Site; and html-codes that breaches the original web-page design;
4.1.4. To hold himself out as another person or on behalf of a private person or a company: a registered candidate, an employer company representative, or the Executive official. In any other ways mislead users and the Site administration related to his identification;
4.1.5. To post doubtful information;
4.1.6. To post any advertisements of franchising or “pyramid” schemes offering to “join a club”, become a distributor, commercial representative, “manager” or other member of the company which business model is focused on preliminary and/or periodic money transfer from junior to senior employees, implying payment for labor made only in the form of sale fee and/or requiring involvement or hiring other agents, distributors, “managers”, “club members”, etc.;
4.1.7. To post and/or send materials via Site in the event that the Registered User has no respective rights for this. It is subject to copyrighted materials, trademarks, patents, as well as nondisclosure agreements, privacy policies, etc.;
4.1.8. To delete and/or make changes in any Site materials in the event that the Registered User has no authorship on the Site materials;
4.1.9. To print or otherwise copy and use personal information, except your Career Profile;
4.1.10. To use information about phone number, mail, and e-mail addresses for purposes other than the Site topics (questions of hiring, headhunting, positions, and candidates offering, etc.);
4.1.11. To log in using someone’s e-mail address or address that the Registered User has no respective rights of use in the similar way;
4.1.12. To post any employer vacancies in his sole discretion, namely offers of opportunities to get hired to any employers;
4.1.13. To post phone numbers a candidate has no right to use or the number belongs to a legal entity;
4.1.14. The Candidate accepting this agreement agrees his absolute and unreserved consent to receive information messages from the Executive set forth in clause 3.3 herein;
4.1.15. The Candidate agrees to regularly look through the content of this Agreement to be seasonably aware of its changes.

5. Information security of the Site
By using the Site the Registered User agrees not to breach or attempt to breach information security of the Site, which includes the following:
5.1. Data access inappropriate for this Registered User or sign in with a login that does not belong to this Candidate;
5.2. Attempts to test insecurity of safety system, breach of registration processes, and authorize without Executive’s permission;
5.3. Attempts to clutter the Site use by other users, which include computer viruses dissemination, data corruption, spamming, e-mail addresses transmission through site server, simultaneous sending of numerous e-mails and/or requests to the Site in order to purposely disable site server and such acts beyond normal permitted Site use that can intentionally or by inadvertence result in its malfunction;
5.4. Sending materials that Site users do not agree to receive, “spam”, any letters and advertisements without Executive’s permission;
5.5. Imitation and/or falsification of any TCP/IP packet header or any part of a header in any e-mail letter or in any material posted on the Site;
5.6. Use or attempts to use any software or processes of navigation and searching on the Site, except of a built in search engine and traditional, publicly available browsers (Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc);
5.7. Security or computer network breach by the Registered User or attempts to its breach results in civil and criminal responsibility. The Executive will investigate each case of security breaches or attempts to its breach by all Site users in cooperation with law-enforcement authorities in order to restrain such malicious activity.

6. Protected site sections and passwords
6.1. Access to information in protected site sections is granted only to the Registered Users, who get a password to enter protected site sections. The password cannot be propagated to other people, and the Registered User is fully liable for all damages inflicted on him, the Executive, or third parties resulted from intentional or unintentional password propagation by the Candidate to another person. The Registered User bears responsibility for password privacy and any Site use with his password.

7. Information about user
7.1. The Executive shall make every possible effort to avoid illegal use of the Registered Users’ personal information.
7.2. Provided that the Executive shall not be responsible for possible non-purpose use of users’ personal information, which is due to:
- technical glitches in software, servers, or computer networks that are beyond the control of the Executive;
- outages of the Site’s functionality related to intentional or unintentional Site misuse by third parties described under the heading “Information security of the Site”; and
- propagation of passwords or information from the Site by users to other unregistered site users or other users, who do not have access to this information due to registration rules and existing contracts with the Executive.
7.3. By using this Site the Registered User agrees and accepts that the Executive reserves the right to use his personal information anonymously in generic way for statistics, as well as for targeted advertisement posted on the Site.
7.4. The Executive agrees to provide no personal information of the Registered Users to private persons or privately held companies, which claim on possible non-purposed use of such information, (sending unapproved advertisements, “spam”, giving information to other people, etc).
7.5. Provided that, the Executive shall be not liable for the possible non-purposed use of Site information by the Registered Users or other people and/or companies that occurs without the notice of the Executive in violation or without information security of the Site.

8. Financial relations
8.1. Functionality and services, offered by the Executive on a paid basis, are subject to appropriate agreements or other contracts and exhibits to such contracts posted on the Site and/or entered into with the user in written form.
8.2. The Executive shall not be deemed the agent of either the Registered Users, who post their Career profile on the Site, or Site users, who post vacancies, to this end the Executive shall not be liable for any warranties (including financial) that occur between one another. Any arrangements between the Registered Users shall be deemed reciprocal, and the Executive bear no relation to them.

9. Use of the site materials
9.1. Each Registered site User shall be responsible for the information posted on behalf of himself and the effect of such posting.
9.2. The Site shall be deem a tool for providing information only and under no circumstances shall be responsible for credibility and relevance of such information.
9.3. The Executive shall make every possible effort to omit reckless, irrelevant, and incorrect information from the site, provided that the responsibility for this information eventually rests with persons who posted it.
9.4. When copyright and other use of the Site materials, other than Career profile, company or vacancies descriptions, as well as logotypes, design elements, site layout and structure, the link to the Site is obligatory.
9.5. Use of the Career profile information, company or vacancies descriptions is inadmissible by no terms, except appropriate site theme ( job or employee search, job market information receipt)
9.6. In the event that Site Client saves Registered User’s resume in his own data base out of the Site, then the responsibility for this rests with the Site Client within the Federal Law as of July 27, 2006 No.152 “About personal data” as a personal data operator.
9.7. Use of software tools (scripts, robots) shall not be accepted for information read-out from the Site.
9.8. Logotype, title, design elements, and general layout of the site are owned by the Executive and their use is restricted.
9.9. Whereas the website users identification is hindered on technical grounds, the Executive shall not be responsible for the verification of the Registered Users and isn’t responsible for the possible damage that could be inflicted to candidates or other persons therefore.
9.10. By Site information use, the Registered User realizes and assumes risks that are related to possible uncertainty of posted site information, as well as some information may appear to him threatening, offensive, slanderous, incorrect, rude, and vulgar. Should this happened, the Registered User must immediately stop using the Site and report the existence of such information to the Executive.
9.11. The Executive does not guarantee that the published Career profile will be viewed by a certain number of the site users or by one person.
9.12. The Executive does not guarantee that software, servers and computer networks used by the Site are free from mistakes and computer viruses. If site use results in data loss or hardware damage then the Executive shall not responsible for it.

10. Rights are applying to parts relations and dispute resolution
10.1. This Agreement and relations between the Candidate and the Executive, including unregulated by this Agreement, are regulated within the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
10.2. If it is found impossibility to dispute resolution between parties through negotiation, then they should adjudication of disputes at the place of the Executive’s registration according to the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

11. Effect and alterations of this Agreement
11.1. This Agreement is effective as of its acceptance by the registered user.
11.2. The Executive has a right to make alterations in this Agreement anytime at his discretion and without advance approval of the Registered User. In this event alterations and amendments enter in to force of their publication on the site.
11.3. Site use by the Registered User (as well as his rights and liabilities realization set forth herein) after any alterations in this Agreement means that the registered user accept such alterations and/or amendments.
11.4. If the Registered User does not agree to use the Site after making alterations by the Executive herein and/or agreeably comply with this Agreement after alterations, then the Candidate shall be obliged to stop using the Site and has a right to terminate this Agreement, on sending appropriate notification to the Executive.

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